Giving to the Scranton Library
Thank you for considering a gift to the E.C. Scranton Memorial Library. Our Library was founded as an act of philanthropy by Mary Scranton over 100 years ago. As a private non-profit institution, we depend on the generosity of our fellow citizens for 14% of our operating budget and the majority of our capital improvements. Contributions to the E.C. Scranton Library, a tax-exempt organization under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service Code, may be deductible to the extent permitted by law.
In the past few years private gifts and foundation grants have made possible the following improvements at the Library:
  • Purchase of adjacent property to our north on Wall Street
  • Remodeling of the original Rotunda
  • Best seller racks and the books in them
  • Funding for Young Adult Librarian pilot project
  • Carpeting, painting, and circulation desk in Children’s room
  • Addition of young adult section and its furnishings
  • Main circulation desk
  • Books and other items for seniors
  • And much, much more!
Choose the way you would like to give:
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Please mail your gift to:
E. C. Scranton Memorial Library
P.O. Box 631
Madison, CT 06443
We accept Visa, Master Charge, or checks. If using a credit card, please include your account number and expiration date.
During business hours of 9:00 to 5:00 you may call 203-245-7365 and we can accept your gift by Visa or Master Charge credit card. Or, answer any questons you may have about how to give to the Library.
Send us a message with your phone number. We will call you.
or donate using Paypal


Types of Gifts

Gifts that are unrestricted allow us to put the resources where the need is greatest.

Memorial & Tribute Gifts
Honor someone with a gift to the library. Tribute gifts may be made for birthdays, anniversaries and other special occasions. Gifts in memory of loved ones are also fitting tributes. Books or other materials may be designated, and the library will provide acknowledgement to the honoree or family of the person memorialized.

For a contribution of $50 or more we will inscribe a special bookplate to be placed at the front of a newly purchased book,DVD or book on CD in honor of a person or a special occassion.

Donation Form
Restricted Gifts
Please feel free to call us to discuss any restricted gifts that you might be considering, or to request a copy of our gifts policy.
Gifts of Appreciated Securities
This is one of the best ways to give to the Library and reduce your tax liabilities at the same time. The full (current) value will be the basis of your deduction, and you will avoid the payment of any capital gains that might ordinarily be incurred. To give securities to the Library you can request that your broker transfer your shares directly to the E.C. Scranton Library. If you have questions about how to transfer insurance policies, real estate, bonds, charitable trusts; contact the appropriate agent or call the Library.
Estate Planning
Please consider making a bequest from your estate to the Library. It's the absolute best way to make sure that your generosity continues on far into the future. There are many possible ways to do this, including charitalble remainder trusts. Your attorney can help you select the philanthropic option that's right for you. The Library is always available to answer questions.
Matching Gift Programs
Many employers generously match your gift. Please inquire if this is the case with your HR department. Send any required forms to our mailing address above.

Please call the Library for more information on these gifts.

Major Gift Programs
Annual Book Fund Drive
Every year the Library holds a drive to support the acquisition and replacement of books, periodicals reference materials, books on tape, music, and videos. Every cent collected in the fund goes for this purchase. To make a gift to the Annual Book Fund Drive, just mark your check "Annual Book Fund".

Millennium Fund Campaign
This fund has raised over $1 million of a $5 million target since the campaign started in 2000. The purpose of the fund is to raise the necessary support for our desperately needed building expansion, increasing the square footage from 17,000 sq. ft. to 30,000. This fund will also be used to redesign and update the existing Library building to accommodate programming needs, meet current building and ADA codes. Lastly, the campaign will increase the Library's endowment. We not only rely on our invested funds as a key source of continuing operational funds in these difficult fiscal times, but our investments must also be significantly increased if the Library is to be able to increase the Library programs so urgently needed by citizens of all ages.

To have a representative of the Millennium Fund talk with you about how you can help, please call the Library at 203-245-7365. Likewise, if you would like to volunteer to help the efforts of this important committee, call us!